Kelly Story (HerStory)

I was born carrying every creative gene my ancestors may have had. If it can be made, shaped, folded, sewn, molded, drawn, or photographed I wanted to do it. As a small child, I can remember that a plain white piece of paper was a dream. The possibilities were endless as to what I could do with it. My love for the arts grew, as did I. One year for Christmas, Santa brought my first camera. It was a small 110 that became an extension of my arm. I photographed EVERYTHING! That passion grew when we had our children and I recorded their lives with then, an inexpensive 35mm. When my father-in-law passed away in 1990, his Sigma camera was put in the trash and I saved it. (Being the good Story) I began soaking up every bit of information I could find. At 39, I decided to go for something I had wanted for many years. I went back to school. I attended Randolph Community College and received my degree in Portrait Studio Management. My ever-faithful subjects were always the 4 special faces that have decorated my life. I have said that when I pass away, I'll leave nothing behind but the thousands of images of JW and the Short Storys. They have endured countless hours of my 'grand' ideas and there's no way to tell them how much that means to me. My dream and prayer is to be the first to photograph my grandchildren and to capture that special feeling and expressions on my children's faces as they experience that great love a parent has for their child.

When I die, I hope my children will say "Our momma viewed the world through a viewfinder, but stored the images in her heart".

To say the least, I am blessed.

I would love to have the opportunity to help you capture those special memories. I specialize in family, children, pet, theater, and wedding portraits.

To request a pricelist or to schedule an appointment, please call 704-244-1505 or email me at kelsgotacamera@yahoo.com.